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Free Books

Free Books

These are books we offer for download for researchers and interested parties. You must be registered and logged in to download them. We also make available a large number of research files for free download.

Why The Vietnam War Is Important 50 Years Later

This book discusses the reasons why the Vietnam War is still important and its impact on the nation and the world, both good and bad.

Myths of the VIetnam War: The Pentagon Papers Reconsidered

This is a monograph that Dr. Robert F. Turner published in Southeast Asian Perspective in their September 1972 issue

Myths and Realities in the Vietnam Debate This extract was taken with the author’s permission from THE VIETNAM DEBATE: A FRESH LOOK AT THE ARGUMENTS Edited by JOHN NORTON MOORE UNIVERSITY PRESS OF AMERICA Lanham • New York • London
An Open Letter and a Challenge to the Vietnam An Open Letter and Challenge to the Vietnam "Peace" Commemoration Committee challenging them to an open debate on any topic regarding the Second Indochina War
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