Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Facts not myths

4/17/2016 - Founding member Richard Botkin published an op-ed in WorldNetDaily

8/8/2015 - Founding member Sol Sanders was featured in an article at Facts and Arts.

8/2/2015 - Founding member Mark Moyar published How Obama Shrank the Military in the Wall Street Journal.

5/11/2015 - VVFH received a mention in a Washington Times editorial today.

5/3/2015 - Founding member Sol Sanders published Remembering the fall of Vietnam in the Washington Times.

5/2/2015 - We opened our eBook Store today. We sell reference materials that researchers of the Vietnam war can use.

5/2/2015 - Founding member Dr. Lewis Sorley is quoted in the Columbus Dispatch.

5/1/2015 - Founding member Dr. Robert Turner was interviewed about Vietnam by the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal.

4/30/2015 - Founding member Dr. Lewis Sorley was interviewed by the LA Times regarding the Vietnam War and today's anniversary.

4/30/2015 - The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by founding member Dr. Robert F. Turner titledSaigon's Fall Still Echoes Today.

4/29/2015 - Dr. Stearman published How America Lost Vietnam After Winning the War Against a Communist Foe in the New York Sun.

4/25/2015 - A book signing for The Escapes and My Journey To Freedom and discussion of Black April was led by one of our members.

11/3/2014 - Newsbuster published an op-ed by Captain Phil Jennings regarding a Tom Friedman article in the New York Times.

10/16/2014 - Richocet mentioned us and discussed our article on Ho Chi Minh, which has been quite popular.

8/30/2014 - AmVets of Massachusetts published the details of our C-SPAN presentation.

8/29/2014 - Ammoland Shooting Sports News published our C-SPAN announcement.

8/27/2014 - The Fake Warrior Project published our C-SPAM announcement

8/22/2014 - VVFH's recent press conference at the National Press Club was discussed in an article at National Security Zone.

8/2/2014 - Nối Gió discussed our efforts.

8/1/2014 - Special Operations Org linked us.

7/31/2014 - Antiwar activists aren't exactly pleased about our activities.

7/24/2014 - Tom Hayden published an article turning down our invitation to debate and repeating the same lies that the anti-war movement has been spouting for 50 years now.

7/18/2014 - Michael Medved discussed our August Press Conference and debate challenge on Truth Revolt.

7/14/2014 - Veterans Radio mentioned us and published our mission statement.

1/23/2013 - Founding member Dr. Lewis Sorley is interviewed by Haunting Legacy.

5/25/2012 - Founding member Dr. Robert F. Turner was published in the Washington Times: TURNER: 'Welcome home' Vietnam veterans.

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