Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Facts not myths

Our members have published a number of books on the war. They are listed here alphabetically by author. Click on the author's name to read their bio. All author photos are protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license and must attribute VVFH for any reuse or alteration. 

Mark Moyar

James S. Robbins, Ph.D.

J. Keith Saliba

Sol Sanders

Leonard M (Mike) Scruggs

Dr. Geoffrey DT Shaw, Ph.D.

Steve Sherman

William L. Stearman

Roger Soiset

Lewis Sorley, Ph.D.

Neil F. Thompson

Dr. Tôn Thát Thiên

Major Hoi B. Tran

Professor Robert F. Turner, Ph. D.

George J. "Jay" Veith

Nicholas Warr

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