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The Sad Story of American Abandonment

Readers note: This information was given to me by Bill Laurie, who has a photocopy of the original in his possession. I imagine more than a few Afghans are feeling very similar pain if they are still alive.

The following open letter printed in 17 April 1975 Saigon Post, an English language newspaper in Viet Nam.  It was a very chaotic time and the Republic of Viet Nam only had 13 days to live as the battle for Xuan Loc raged, as NVA divisions, engorged with abundance of modern weapons and munitions, moved in on Saigon.  The letter was written by an American who'd spent multiple tours in Viet Nam.  He preferred to remain anonymous and his identity remains unknown.  I kept the piece and to my knowledge no other copy of made it out of Viet Nam.  Herewith is exact verbatim text of letter:

                            ----------Letter Begins Here--------

  "An Open Letter to the People of Viet Nam and America: I will never forget."

  The month was August, the year of 1966.  I was a young man of 20 years with a mind filled with American school book ideals and feelings of patriotism swelling my my heart as I walked down the ramp of the 707 that had brought me all the way from my safe and easy life in America to the sweltering hot tarmac of Tan Son Nhut airport, Viet Nam.  Little did I know then that this small country and its people, in the year to come, would put a hold on my soul, and later would become a part of my heart, and also, a lot of my personal pain.

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