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Defense Attache Office - FY73-FY75 and EOT Reports

Defense Attache Office (FY73-FY75, EOT RPTS
Edited by Stephen Sherman

When MACV closed down in 1973 under the terms of the Paris Accords, it was followed by a successor agency, whose very limited authority was expressly delineated in those accords. This Defense Attache Office produced eight quarterly reports from the date of its inception to the fall of Saigon, providing a detailed picture of the final two years of the Republic of Vietnam. Also included in this nine volume set are the end of tour reports of the two general officers who were assigned to supervise this mission, in which they report what they saw, heard and felt without constraint. This is a very important work about a period of time which is poorly understood in the history of the Second Indochina War. Colonel LeGro, who served on the mission and made his own after-action report and Jay Veith are among the few Historians who have covered this period. The nine volume paperback set includes a searchable thumb drive which permits the user of find any word or phrase in this 2000 plus page collection of primary source documents.

DAO Reports - $200 USD

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