Phillip Jennings

Photograph of Capt. Phillip JenningsMasters Program, Universidad de Mexico. BS, Economics, Oklahoma State
Vietnam USMC, Captain, '65-'66. Laos, '67-'70, Captain, Air America.
Certificate of Merit, Central Intelligence Agency for the rescue of Major Bill Buice USAF in 1969.
CEO J4/First Forge Capital; CEO Megabess US; CEO DEEC Inc.
Winner Faulkner Society Medal; Two best-selling novels (Nam-A-Rama and Goodbye Mexico);
Winner Book of the Year LA Times; Book of the Year Washington Post; Nominated Pulitzer Prize (all for Nam-A-Rama)
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War" (Regnery 2010) was Amazon #1 Best Seller list for over three months.

Max Phillip Friedman

BA Degree, Temple University, Anthropology and Archaeology. Graduate studies in Political Psychology, International Affairs and Anthropology. [Associate of Arts Certificate in "Police Science" and Paralegal Degree].
Research journalist for Human Events weekly newspaper, Oct-Nov. 1970, SVN/Cambodia.
Contractor Paralegal/Historian concerning environmental superfund waste site litigation (also worked on an Organized Crime Task Force, terrorism trial preparation, etc.).

Three congressional testimonies on Vietnam and Cambodia, plus one on the "anti-war" movement and a report included in the hearings/testimony of the House Ways & Means Committee on illegal lobbying by the Left in the US
Minor contributor to "Whitewash/Blackwash" re books in the bibliography and a little information in the "Yellow Book" for the Texas Tech Conf. last September - "Our 'Pre-Sponse': A Supplement to The TTU-NARA Conference on Vietnam in the Year 1963"

R J Del Vecchio

Photograph of R J "Del" Del Vecchio

MSc (Chemistry), College of the Holy Cross, 1965

Whitewash/Blackwash: Myths of the Viet Nam War 2005

Cpl, USMC Combat Photographer 1stMarDiv, 1968

Vietnam Service Ribbon, Purple Heart, Naval Commendation Medal with Combat V

Colonel Andrew R. Finlayson, USMC (Ret.)

Photograph of Col. Andy FinlaysonColonel Finlayson is a 1966 graduate of the U. S Naval Academy who served 25 years in the US Marine Corps as an infantry officer.

He spent 32 months in South Vietnam as a Force Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, Infantry Company Commander and Provincial Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) Commander and Advisor.

From his retirement from the US Marine Corps in 1991 until 2007 he worked for the Vinnell and Northrop Grumman Corporations in management positions specializing in military training, strategic planning and security biometrics.

As a civilian defense contractor he worked for five years in Saudi Arabia training Saudi military units and he took the first New Iraqi Army training team into Iraq in July 2003.

He also spent a year in Romania advising the Romanian Ministry of National Defense on US military base development and training procedures.

His most recent publication is a book entitled Killer Kane: A Marine Long-Range Recon Leader in Vietnam, 1967-1968

He is the author of several articles and studies related to the Vietnam War.

He currently resides in Morrisville, North Carolina.

John M. Del Vecchio

John M. Del Vecchio is the best-selling author of The 13th Valley and other historical novels on the war in Southeast Asia and the veteran home coming experience.

He holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and minor emphasis in Civil Engineering.

Drafted in 1969 he volunteered for Viet Nam where he served as a combat correspondent for the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile); awarded a Bronze Star with V device.

He is a managing member of Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment, LLC, and a director for The Freedom Angel Foundation.