Roger Canfield, Ph.D.

Photograph of Roger CanfieldPh.D Claremont Graduate School.

USN, ATN2, NAS Miramar Sept. 1959-June 1964--not a Vietnam Vet.

"fighting the war on campus since 1970."

Former Lecturer, at California State University at Los Angeles, American University, and Golden Gate University

Former Instructor at Pasadena City College and Menlo College and Associate Professor at American John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. 

Candidate for Congress, Daily political columnist for Sacramento Union newspaper, political consultant on campaigns for all levels of office.

Currently independent researcher, writer, political consultant and author of books and articles on China, Vietnam, environmental movement, California politics and water.

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B. G. "Jug" Burkett

Photograph of Jug BurkettThe son of an air force colonel, he joined the US Army in June 1966. Growing up his "heroes were not sports figures like Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays but the fighter pilots who had blasted the Luftwaffe out of the sky".[1] Life on a military base imbued in him "an understanding that the military was the guardian of the freedoms enjoyed by the civilian population.

He spent ten years researching for his book, Stolen Valor, which tells the story of men who claim military honors they have never earned.

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Mike Benge

Photograph of Mike BengeMike Benge was a foreign service officer working for the Agency for International Development when he was captured by the North Vietnamese during TET 1968.
At that time he had served in Vietnam for five years, working with the Montagnards in the highlands. He spoke fluent Vietnamese and Rhade, a Montagnard dialect.
He was a POW from 31 January 1968 until his release in during Operation Homecoming in 1973.
For his efforts in rescuing several Americans prior to capture, he received the State Department's highest award for heroism and a second one for valor.
He also received three of South Viet Nam's highest medals for civilians.
Mike returned to Vietnam as a volunteer after his release to continue his work with the Montagnards until the fall of South Vietnam to the communists in 1975.
Mike earned a BA from Oregon State University before going to Vietnam and a Masters Degree from the University of the Philippines after his release.